Some benefits offered to our fellow members and/or corporate members are:

  1. You will be awarded the denomination of ‘Fellow of ICWM’
  2. Fellow and Corporate members will have one and three votes respectively in various decision making processes related to proceedings of ICWM
  3. A board will be formed from within the members of ICWM to manage and review ICWM procedures and operations. This board will constitute one President, three Vice-Presidents and one Secretary-General. The board will be re-constituted every two years via a formal voting procedure.
  4. Members can receive benefits such as their subscription for monthly newsletter of the forum, professional benefits like invitations to various capacity building events organized by the forum among others.
  5. Complimentary E-newsletter
  6. Discounted participation fee for attending Conferences, Training, Workshops and Awards.
  7. Complimentary invitation for participation in special events/ meetings.
  8. Regular E-mail updates of latest information
  9. Membership Certificate.